Junior Certificate Business – Subject Overview

  • To contribute to a balanced and appropriate general education at the Junior Cycle level, leading to the personal and social development of each student.
  • To develop, in each student, habits and methods of investigation, analysis and problem solving at an appropriate level.
  • To familiarise each student with technological developments in the business environment.
  • To encourage initiative and develop self-reliance in each student.
  • To provide each student with an appropriate level of economic/business literacy
  • To develop in each student a positive attitude to the creation of wealth and its distribution
  • To provide a foundation for students which could lead to employment/further studies in the business field.



Section 1:            The Business of Living

Section 2:            Economic Awareness

Section 3:            Enterprise

Section 4:            Information Technology



Two levels – Ordinary level and Higher level.






Leaving Certificate Business – Subject Overview

This is a practical and vocationally-oriented course that introduces students to the world of Business in a straightforward and logical way. It aims to create an awareness of the importance of Business activity and to develop a positive and ethical attitude towards it.. The importance of people in Business is highlighted. The course sets out to illustrate the process of setting up a business and developing a new product or service. It emphasises the importance of good management and deals with skills and activities necessary for good management practice. It also deals with the impact of technology, foreign trade, global firms and competition and with business structures and the national economy



Section A – People in Business

Unit 1

  • Introduction to people in Business.
  • Resolving conflict – Non-legislative methods.
  • Resolving Conflict – Legislative methods.
  • Resolving Industrial Relations Conflict.


Section B – Enterprise

Unit 2

  • Enterprise


Unit 3

  • Management Skills and Activities.
  • ICT.


Unit 4

  • Household and Business Finance, Insurance, Taxation.
  • Human Resource Management.
  • The Changing Role of Management.
  • Monitoring a Business including ratio analysis.


Unit 5

  • Identifying Business Opportunities.
  • Marketing and Promotion.
  • Starting up.
  • Expansion.


Section C – Environment

Unit 6

  • Categories of Industry.
  • Business Organisations.
  • Community Development.
  • Business and the economy.
  • Government and Business.


Unit 7

  • Foreign Trade.
  • The European Union.
  • International Environment.



Two levels – Ordinary level and Higher level.