Saint Joseph’s school app

Dear parent/guardian, 

As you are aware our school app will officially come into effect from Monday, 1st October. It will further enhance communications between the school and to/from parents/guardians and students. We will also be accepting absentee notes and permissions notes via the app, marking the migration from the student journal for this purpose. It is therefore imperative that you download the app before this date.  

If you have yet to download the app: 

1.      Download the app by searching for “St Joseph’s CC Charlestown” in either the App Store or Google Play. 

2.      Complete the verification process using the information you have previously supplied to the school (mobile number, email etc.) 

Should you experience any technical difficulties with the app please contact Unique Publishing Customer Support with details of your problem at [email protected] or via the Support button within the app. 

Further information: 

Further information on downloading, registration and use is available in the information leaflet circulated to you a few weeks ago. Please contact the school’s office should you require another copy. We also ask that you complete and return the form included in this information sheet to the school at your earliest convenience. 


Students who download the app will have access to a variety of study resources at discounted rates (e.g. Study Buddy, Maths Tutor) in addition to the news & notifications, gallery and calendar features of the app. Notifications from coaches to team members will can be circulated via the app in a safe and secure environment. Further information on these and other features are explained in the information leaflet. 

We express our sincere thanks to all members of our school community in supporting us with this new initiative.