There has always been a strong tradition of Basketball at St Joseph’s. Traditionally it is very popular with girls.Our school has competed at the highest level for a number of years, qualifying for and winning at All-Ireland level.

The aim of Basketball at St Joseph’s is to promote skill, techniques, co-operations, understanding, teamwork and sportsmanship. Due to the size of our school, all first years who want to be part of the team are included. This further encourages integration and co-operation between first years. As a result of this system, the majority of female students will at some stage have played on a school basketball team. The first boy’s team for St Joseph’s was entered into competition in 2007.

The girls compete in the west region in the following league and Cup competitions:

  • First Years
  • Second Years
  • Cadette U16
  • Senior U19

All-Ireland U.19 Cup and League Winners 2016/2017


  • All-Ireland Girls U.19 Cup Winners 2016/2017
  • All-Ireland Girls U.19 League Winners 2016/2017
  • Regional Girls U.19 Winners 2016/2017
  • All-Ireland Finalists Second Year Girls 2006
  • U.19 “C” Girls Cup All-Ireland Champions in Tallagh- Jan 2008
  • Runners- up at the Second Years “C” boys All-Ireland play-off competition in Tipperary- April 2008.
  • Western people Mayo Sport star awards winners 2008 in the Basketball category
  • All-Ireland Finalists U.16 2013/ 2014
  • All-Ireland Semi-Finalists U.16 B Girls 2014/2015