Home Economics

St Joseph’s Community College believes Home Economics has a direct relevance to the present and future life of every young person.

Its purpose is to equip young people in certain important skills for living as individuals and of establishing and developing a stable environment for their families. It encompasses studies of many of the processes which are necessary for day to day living, particularly within the household.

The main aims of Home Economics focus on the basic human needs, food, clothing, shelter and personal relationships. We believe that Home Economics builds on the pupils knowledge of different forms of home life and on their immediate experiences of making choices in relation to the organisation of their own lives. Emphasis throughout the course is on management, creativity and living skills.


Junior Certificate Home Economics

Students study areas such as nutrition, food commodities, health, resource management, consumer studies and textiles/crafts and childcare. Assessment at Junior Certificate comprises of a written exam, a practical cookery exam and optional study of either craft, textiles or childcare.


Transition Year Home Economics

Home Economics is a core subject in TY. The main focus of learning is food and nutrition and how it affects our health.


Leaving Certificate Home Economics-

Topics at Leaving Cert are an extension of those covered in Junior Cycle. Students also study an elective of either (a)Social Studies which covers issues such as education, unemployment, poverty and work. (b)Home Design and Management which looks at housing styles, house building and design, systems and services- electricity, water supply and storage, insulation, ventilation and lighting or (c)Textiles, Fashion and Design.

A written project of four cookery tasks is completed in 5th year and this makes up 20% of overall grade for Leaving Certificate Home Economics.